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In search of some reference material, I visited a few of northern Cache County’s cooperative libraries after leaving the office. On my way home I passed another cooperative, the Old Trenton Feed Mill building. I stopped tonight to take a few pictures and I started down memory lane again…

I remember making trips to Trenton Feed with my dad to buy grain for our animals or pigeon feed for our hobby, a pigeon rookery. I remember walking up the stairs of the dock to retrieve the bags of feed we had just bought, watching the workers load them into the truck and off we would go. A number of years ago the mill came under new ownership. Expansion and modernization moved day to day operations from the old mill building and for quite some time it sat idle, then a year or more ago some demolition work on the old structure began. As the work progressed various parts of the structure came down, unveiling sections of the building that were covered by old additions and exposing features that I don’t remember from those visits in my youth. The painted name seen in the picture below is one of those features.

I’ve had occasion to photograph at this location a couple of times last year as firefighters from Newton and other stations joined Trenton firefighters to extinguish fires that broke out as a result of the demolition work. Salvage operations have long since ceased and here is a picture of the east side of the old mill building, in its current state:

TrentonFeedAs with the picture of the smokestack in a previous post, this impromptu photo session sparked an interest to learn more about the history of the mill. A quick internet search lead me to a site that referenced records in the USU Special Collections Archives about a Trenton-Clarkston Mill built on the railroad siding in Trenton in 1906. Until I find the time to further this research I have this visual image to help me imagine what it might have looked like in its beginnings.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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