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Things Change

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Several of my favorite Christmas songs come from Michael Martin Murphy’s album Cowboy Christmas. The album is a mix of old Christmas favorites and original works and I especially like the selections that include recitations of some old cowboy poems by Bruce Kiskaddon.

One of these songs came to mind yesterday when I found myself at a spot that I hadn’t driven past in quite some time. And naturally I stopped to make some pictures.

Having no personal knowledge of this location I can only imagine the history of these barns on this particular corner lot in the middle of the valley. Whatever their purpose, it is likely a quite different role compared to their beginnings.

Here’s a picture I made during that drive home last night:

Off the PathAs I stood in the roadway choosing the composition of each shot, I remembered a piece of the last stanza of “The Old Time Christmas”, a Kiskaddon poem from the early 1900’s that was recited in one of the songs on that Michael Martin Murphy Christmas album:

Them good old days is past and gone.
  The time and the world and the change goes on.
And you cain’t do things like you used to do
  when cattle was plenty and folks was few.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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