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Borrowed Time

Posted on | August 15, 2014 | No Comments

Due to a recent wet spell that kept the combines idle, coupled with the sheer number of acres, there are a few stands of wheat in the valley that have yet to be cut.

It seems like the stalks of wheat – with their heads ripe and heavy – are living on borrowed time. On the other hand, wheat was not meant to stay in the field and it may be that the stalks are anxious to give up their kernels and be done.

If the weather holds it won’t be long until this field is harvested and the wheat can fill the measure of its creation. For now they must wait a bit longer until the combine arrives:

DSC_3438-AAs the individual stalks become a sea of gold that stretches into the distance, their patience is a beautiful thing:

DSC_3429Greg Fabricius Photography

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