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Barley Tops at Sunset

Posted on | June 14, 2015 | No Comments

May’s wet weather subsided and a dryer pattern has taken hold, giving the fields the warmth needed to convert the rain into growth.

Next door is a tall and beautiful stand of barley, one of many stands in the fields around town. Over the last week and a half the spikes have appeared, complete with the strands of awn that catch the rays of the sun in the evening and glow as if they had their own source of light.

Even if the sun has fallen far below the western mountains, the barley tops are still brighter than the stalks below. When the bottoms of the clouds hold a tinge of sunset color it creates a beautiful scene at the end of the day:

Barley TopsPhoto: 6/14/2015 – Barley field at sunset

Greg Fabricius Photography

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