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We just returned from a trip to northwest Wyoming and now that the files are on a computer it’s time to check out the pictures. 

It was a trip of firsts. To name a few:

  • First time I’ve been to Yellowstone under snow.
  • First grizzly sighting (two different bears on back to back days, to boot).
  • First visit to Mormon Row.

It was a great getaway full of memories and I’ve selected the first picture to share, along with the backstory. 

We had pulled into the parking lot on the north rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to find a small group gathered around the fence, snapping pictures. As we continued on we saw the subject of their interest, a red fox.

I aspire to wildlife photography but I haven’t acquired the requisite long lens just yet. When a wild animal takes distance out of the equation it’s a gift not to be ignored, so we joined the group.

For several minutes the fox obliged us by posing for pictures. Seemingly oblivious to the gathering crowd, it’s full attention was devoted to the possibility that it’s next meal was hiding beneath the snow.

As convenient as this setup was, composing the shot had its difficulty but there’s nothing to be gained by complaining about things I can’t control. On the bright side, I was able to share an unusual moment with my family and for that I am grateful.

Here’s my favorite picture from the moment:


Greg Fabricius Photography

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