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The other apple tree in the backyard is now in bloom, and while mowing the lawn today the flowers were so pretty I decided it was worth some pictures. I finished mowing and grabbed my gear to see what pictures I could make.

On most of the branches one bloom was open with 4-5 closed flowers positioned around the open bloom (click on the pictures for larger versions):

Apple BloomWhile I was shooting I noticed the bees that have been gleaning at the crabapple tree all week have also discovered these blooms. I was hoping this tree would hold out until our bees arrived, but flowers bloom when they want to, not on my timetable.

Photography can be a game of chance – especially when the subject is small and fast. Since I was already setup I made a few more shots of the bees doing their work.

The approach:

The ApproachA successful landing:

At WorkIf all goes well this flower has served it’s purpose and fruit will be the result.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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