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Amber Waves

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I spent a goodly amount of time last night photographing the scenery west of my home town. It’s a place where agriculture rules. For miles and miles crops dot the landscape and cattle roam the range in pastures that are too steep and wooded to be cultivated. It’s a peaceful place.

After shooting the pictures of the safflower fields that border the Long Divide last night, I drove back to town, stopping one more time to make a picture of the landscape as it stretched towards Molly’s and the Bear River Gorge, under a blue and pink evening sky:

MolliesIf there is a hill or mountain – that is not Gunsight Peak – in competition for inclusion in one of my images, Molly’s Nipple, on the north side of the Bear River Gorge, would be the one.

Seeing the amber field of grain below the sunset colored sky was the cherry on top of a very enjoyable escape deep into the rural atmosphere of NW Cache County. After making this picture and with mind and body renewed by the entire experience, I returned home.

On a side note: For fellow history buffs who might happen across this post, if you have some time you can follow this link to read a history of Black Jack Nelson, an outlaw who reportedly used this rocky knob as a hiding place for some of his plunder (the reference to the hill is near the top of page 10 of the linked document).

The story as I recall it is that after one of his prison sentences was complete he was not able to locate his hiding spot on the hill and failed to retrieve his cache of ill gotten funds. Uncorroborated, of course. But then again…

Care to join me for some prospecting?

Greg Fabricius Photography

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