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The other day I drove to a spot just outside of civilization to photograph the mountains and still visible moon before it faded into the light of another day. I snapped a few pictures then I got back in the car to complete my commute to the office.

I didn’t make it very far.

I was distracted by some horses near the road as they cleaned up a bit of hay from the morning feeding, so I stopped for more pictures. Once again I returned to my car, glancing to the north to see if the clouds that direction were reflecting color from the sunrise.

The blue of the clouds are pretty, but more interesting to the scene was this small shed a short distance from the road in a pasture:

ShedLess than a mile from the blacktop and bustle of a busy road, and even though the rooftops of Benson are visible in the background, it seemed like I had stepped back in time.

I had a specific goal in mind when I arrived at this out of the way spot, but of all the pictures I made that morning this alternate scene of a shed in the pasture is my favorite. Funny how that happens.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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