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Yesterday we spent the day with family at a reunion held annually in the Wasatch Cache National Forest. A river runs next to the campsite, with a walking path and the occasional bench along its bank. 

A favorite reunion activity is floating the river. After watching our kids and other family members float by we remained on one of the benches in the shade of the tree-lined bank.

While we enjoyed a break from the heat of the day, a winged visitor landed on the railing and posed for a picture:

Weidermeyer Admiral 02The sunlight added a nice bokeh effect against the darker leaves across the river, as well as lighting the perch on top of the railing.

Eventually it spread its wings to reveal a black with white pattern on the dorsal side, but it was hanging upside down at the time. I need to give better instructionS to my models, apparently…

After a bit of research I discovered this butterfly is a variety from the nymphalidae family named Weidermeyer’s Admiral. Common in the Intermountain Region, it appears between June and September in one or two broods.

Photo: 6/25/2015 – Weidemeyer’s Admiral. Click on the image for a larger version.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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