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A Barn and the Moon

Posted on | May 14, 2014 | No Comments

A week ago I tried to get to a spot way out in the middle of nowhere, NW Cache County, but the dirt road to get there was a bit soft from the rain we were receiving. I was reminded that a Buick LeSabre is not suited for those conditions. Although I didn’t get stuck, I couldn’t turn around so my only choice was to rely on my backing skills.

Last night the road was dry enough to try again, with the bonus that the full moon was beginning its trip across the sky as I arrived to set up for the shot. When the sun finally set behind me a little bit of color appeared on the Bear River Range and the blue of the sky deepened for this shot:

BarnMoonThere is little sign that any other structures existed here, and I often wonder about the history of locations such as this – how an old, solitary barn came to be amongst the fields. Regardless, it’s was a nice quiet spot to enjoy the rise of the Flower Moon.


Greg Fabricius Photography

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