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For several years there has been a herd of deer living in our small town. When I was young it was an extremely rare occurrence for a deer to make so bold of a move, but now it’s common to see them crossing the streets and jumping fences between backyards.

Until this winter, our backyard was only a spot to pass through on their way to better food sources. Not so this year. Lately we’ve had several deer here almost on a daily basis. The big draw appears to be crabapple litter under the tree close to the house, but they wander from the tree to the corrals at the back of the lot.

Today we counted at least 11 head in the backyard, with 7 bucks among that number. Most of the time they were gathered around the crabapple tree just a few yards from the back of the house, taking advantage of the bare ground to clean up the sweet crabapple litter. I was home today and it was fun to watch them and to take pictures.

The bucks ranged from yearling spikes to some older deer with fairly heavy antlers. Here’s a picture of the largest of the bucks that visited today, a 3 x 4 Muley:

3x4In this shot he’s looking intently towards the street, evaluating the threat level of a passing dog and deciding if it’s okay to stay and forage a bit longer.

The dog went on it’s way and the bunch stayed in the backyard a bit longer before they moved into the pasture and crossed the fence to see what else they could find.

Whether their presence is considered good or bad, these deer appear to be part of life in our small town. I have enjoyed seeing these bucks close up, though.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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