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Second Year Buck

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I do enjoy a drive up the Long Divide west of my home town, but I haven’t been up there for quite a while. Tonight I jumped in the car with the camera to go catch a sunset or some other scene and I ended up on the hill.

I saw twin fawns tonight. It seems the local deer herd has a genetic trait that produces a fair number of pairs or even triplets occasionally. These fawns were without a mother, which was a bit odd but they are a little bigger this time of year, maybe mom had sent them out on their own already.

With sunset underway, the clouds in the east caught the colors of evening very nicely. A deep red tint was visible right above the mountains and a large moon had risen above the clouds:July31-001

I turned around at the county line and headed back towards to the rural civilization of town. It was an enjoyable moment spent on the northwest bench, looking across the fields that ring my home town – some green in alfalfa and others displaying the golden hue that is common this time of year.

After dropping down off the bench and turning back to the east I saw a lone deer in a grain field, just off the side of the road. As I drew closer and finally stopped in preparation to take his picture, he became nervous and began to walk away towards the base of the hills:2ndYearBuck

His forked antlers representing his youth, it is likely just his second year of plentiful grazing in the hay and grain fields west of town. Not too far removed from the fawns I saw earlier on my drive, I wondered if next year either of them would survive to be like this solitary second year buck, making their living among the fields.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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